Last night I went to go buy wine with two of my friends. Innocent enough a man followed us inside the store, but then it escalated into him saying “you got thick legs” and saying other offensive things. As the harassment continued I also continued to voice that we were lesbians and that he needed to stop saying these offensive comments(I really shouldn’t have to resort to this but I often do). This seemed to encourage his actions, as he continued to persist I made a comment “just because our president elect is sexist and says demeaning comments to women, doesn’t mean it is OK for you to behave this way towards me”. He replied with “I’ll grab you by the pussy” over and over again. IT IS NOT OK TO TREAT WOMEN LIKE THIS. IT IS NOT OK TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY ARE LESSER THEN YOU. IT IS NOT OK TO JUST GO ALONG WITH THINGS BECAUSE IT DOESN’T IMMEDIATELY EFFECT YOU. please understand that the current environment does NOT mean ANYTHING sexist/racist/misogynist/people who discriminate against people of different faith, IS OK. Tonight reminded me of why I feel the way I do and why I will NEVER be OK with the climate that is being perpetrated upon me.

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