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I find myself looking around when I’m in a store, and if a white man walks up behind me too closely I feel a pang of fear and dread of not knowing who I’m dealing with.
Mike Pence Supporter Angry Over 'Hamilton' Protest Charged In Racist Attack On Asian Diner Patrons

The man didn’t take well to this comment. “I wasn’t being racist,” he insisted. “I just told them to go back to Tokyo.”

workplace racism

I was a shipping clerk/material handler for a small metal finishing plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until the Thursday following the election when a truck driver comes in who I have dealt with for the four years that I have worked there,at least twice a week. He has always been professional and cordial until that Thursday when he enters the shop,puts his hands on his hips and exclaims loudly that"white America has spoken,” and then proceeds to tell me I need to hurry my black ass up and unload his truck,after telling him at least four times to stop talking to me in that manner and to get his finger out of my face, I pushed his hand away from my face and my boss who is also the owner then decided to intervene and informed me that I was fired because my pushing his hand out of my face constituted “workplace violence,” they didn’t say anything during the whole incident until I pushed his hand away from my face. When he first started berating me, they were all laughing like it some kind of joke. I should not have been surprised by their response because their office is full of NRA, Never Hillary, and make America great again stickers and posters. Now I’m trying to find another job and every job that calls them to confirm my experience, they tell any potential employee that I was fired for workplace violence. 

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