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My cousin’s Indian friend was threatened at knifepoint and called the N word in San Francisco yesterday. Thank goodness she’s okay.
I’m Indian, my whole family is Indian. I’m afraid because it could be any of us.

So I’m standing at work with all my Trump loving coworkers. Conversation goes from Trump, to Veterans Day, to MLK day. They start saying MLK day is the stupidest holiday in America. One guy proposes making the day he was assassinated a national holiday instead. 3-4 other guys cheer.

That is the new Trump America.

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An incident that occurred Thursday November 10th around 12:30 pm while out on a run.  A truck with two men (old Chevy truck, confederate flag front plate) threw a rum-glass bottle filled with urine at me (it hit me-broke on my chest and neck) and yelled: “Fucking Spic.”