“Make America Great Again” is not your permission slip.

I am a young white woman with multiple disabilities.  On Friday morning, I was waiting at the front of the line at my doctor’s office, in a suburban New England town/state that voted for Sec. Clinton.  Behind me were an Indian-American woman and an elderly white woman with a walker.  (I had offered to let her go ahead but she declined.)

A white, middle-aged, muscular man with his nose in the air, a cocky strut, and a “Make America Great Again” hat walked in and walked right up to the window, completely ignoring the line.  I started to say “Excuse me, there’s a line,” so he turned around with this absolute jerk smirk on his face, looked up and down the line, and turned back to the window.  It was like he looked us over to see if we mattered, decided we didn’t, then went about his business.

The receptionist gave him a form he was there to pick up, and as he turned and left, he looked back at me with that same smirk, then tapped the embroidered words on his hat.

Think about that: He tapped the “Make America Great Again” slogan like it was his permission slip to be rude to others.

Mr. President-Elect, please denounce and fix what you’ve done.  I can’t take four years of this.

And other Trump voters?  Please collect your trash.

My daughter’s school experience on Wednesday 11/9/16

So this happened the other day at one of my children’s school.
Teacher begins math class - no math is being done, instead the conversation breaks out about how great the election was, how releaived this person is because finally “those illegal Mexicans” will be deported, becuase they are taking OUR jobs. The “gays” will finally be put back in their place.
My child began crying, my child was out numbered, my child was legally obligated to sit in that classroom and listen to the rhetoric in fear of being jumped, ridiculed or even worse… Flunking that class. I was shocked beyond shocked. My first instinct was to call the school… But like all other bully situations, my child didn’t want me to say anything in fear of making it worse.
My oldest was called Hitler when he was younger, my youngest has been called the N word, and Iraqi and an ISIS supporter. My daughter - maybe because she’s a girl hasn’t been called racist names, yet the same blood flows through her as does my boys. She does however have to listen to this stuff day in and day out. She hears it and out of fear of physical or mental ridicule, sometimes doesn’t say anything.
You may be thinking…. “Those are just dumb red neck kids, ignore them”. Nope, it was the instructor, the “teacher” if you will.
This was what I was afraid of. Not just the talk, but the attitude and the collateral damage it’s already caused. And, we certainly want our kids to respect and listen to our teachers right?
Let that shit sink in…..

My high-school age brother, who goes to school in a predominantly liberal area and in a blue state, is reporting that students at his school are wearing Trump shirts that say things like “Clinton for Prison” and chanting “build the wall” and flinging racial slurs through the halls. He says that the Muslim students in the school are being bullied.

I can’t imagine what it must be like in the schools that are in red states.

Teaching In South Korea

I teach internationally at an English emersion school with an almost 100% Korean and Chinese student population. The day after Trump was elected the kids were running around shouting “I hate Trump”. The kids were asking me why this was happening. A 6th grader told me her parents are saying she can’t go to college in the US anymore. While not nearly as harrowing as the acts of hatred towards minorities in the US, attitudes about the US shifted literally overnight and the kids on the opposite side of the world are scared. 

Happening in Utah

From my Mother, who leads an LDS church youth group:

“One of my beautiful young women was at the Village Inn yesterday, she is a mix of Latina and white and the most beautiful girl… she came out of the bathroom stall and a white woman said to her young daughter that she will not let her use the same restroom as a brown girl.”