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From a coworker

And looks like America’s worst dream is coming true. Today I was waiting with my bags to catch a flight at Newark, NJ airport and a white person next to me commented “Ohh Latino, so packing your bags to go back your home country?” I was shocked!!!! What does that mean???? Has Mr. Trump given every white American a right to make racist comments to every non-white around them?? Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner… celebrating the hospitality provided TO the WHITE european immigrants by the native Americans… I abhorred the sentiment that’s rearing it’s ugly head on the backs of the recent Election results. If every immigrant were to leave this great country… then sorry Mr Trump… you will have to leave too as this country is built by all the immigrants… every white American has an immigrant root… Is this the real agenda behind “let’s make America BACKWARD again” ??

I was on the verge of coming out at school, but the day after the election, I overheard a large group of kids talking about how Trump will “finally get rid of the f*gs” and how they planned to “help him” and now I’m terrified. I’ve told all my friend that know to keep their mouths shut because I’ve seen other gay kids being harassed and I’m afraid of what might happen to me

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