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This just happened to me last night. This was the first time I went outside (except to go to work) since election night. (San Diego, CA)

I’m sitting in the patio of a gay bar/restaurant with friends, having dinner. Our table is right at the sidewalk. A visibly drunk man walks by.

“Hey fuck you guys. FUCK YOU. This is MY country. [bla bla bla] I fought and died for this country. I went to Iraq. I fought and died for this country. You people…”

I told him, “Thank you for your service.” I’m not sure why. Part of me wanted him to have a positive experience of us. Part of me was scared.

There were other people around him on the street. No one did anything.

This was Day 2.

My cousin’s Indian friend was threatened at knifepoint and called the N word in San Francisco yesterday. Thank goodness she’s okay.
I’m Indian, my whole family is Indian. I’m afraid because it could be any of us.