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Family Issues

My father and that entire side of my family voted for Trump, because they feel that “Queers, niggers and liberals are ruining this country and Muslims need to get out.”

I publicly stated on social media that I was disappointed that so many people voted for Trump and the hatred and bigotry that went along with that. I said I was ashamed that people I knew and family of mine voted that way. The next day on social media my father disowned me and stated that I was sick and needed help for not standing by my family and my president.

Work Incident

I work at a fish processing factory in Gloucester ,  MA. A coworker, a white male in his 50s, wasn’t  wearing the required plastic gloves at a station. Another coworker, a Dominican-American  woman, a legal citizen, in her 20s, informed him he needed to put his gloves on to handle the product. He responded with slurs, telling her Trump was president now and she would soon be deported. She said he was angry and she felt afraid. She reported him and he’s currently suspended. There were witnesses, luckily. Not sure how it will end but I think he ahould should be fired and that the company should teach employees about no tolerance for hate speech. Since the election last week I’ve also overheard two white women in their 50s, in the locker room talking about ‘counting’ and ‘keeping track’ of muslims. 

Walking on the University of Minnesota Campus

Wearing Hijab. On 11/9. At night. A stranger and his girlfriend come up behind me and he starts screaming at me from 2 ft away: Fuck you! Fuck You! Fuck you! I’m so sick of you! Fuck you! over and over until I turned around. When I turned around, he did it again, and his girlfriend just looked at the ground. By that time, I was in a large group waiting for a light to change, and none of the bystanders did anything at all.

My cousin’s Indian friend was threatened at knifepoint and called the N word in San Francisco yesterday. Thank goodness she’s okay.
I’m Indian, my whole family is Indian. I’m afraid because it could be any of us.

So I’m standing at work with all my Trump loving coworkers. Conversation goes from Trump, to Veterans Day, to MLK day. They start saying MLK day is the stupidest holiday in America. One guy proposes making the day he was assassinated a national holiday instead. 3-4 other guys cheer.

That is the new Trump America.

Overheard at work at a trucking company. Oregon, 11/11/16

“This is a white country. It’s always been a white country, and now we’re taking it back.”

“I think it’s more racist for someone to call me a racist without cause.”

“These liberals, they’re all supporting the Muslims and shit. But they also support the gays. I don’t get it.”

“I don’t care if people call me a redneck, or a homophobe, or an islamophobe or whatever. I’m not out there cutting kids’ heads off.”

Española, NM 87532

An incident that occurred Thursday November 10th around 12:30 pm while out on a run.  A truck with two men (old Chevy truck, confederate flag front plate) threw a rum-glass bottle filled with urine at me (it hit me-broke on my chest and neck) and yelled: “Fucking Spic.”  

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