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The site disallowed my ask so I’m posting here, many apologies.

I know that others have asked that you employ a vetting system for these posts because proving one or two as fake gives those who deny the whole event grounds to dismiss the entirety of ‘unconfirmed’ reports (in their minds). I’m not saying that each post first undergo a fact-check but that if more information comes out about that particular incident, it be revisited and/or edited/deleted. That seems reasonable taking into account both poster and reader and I believe would provide this site more strength when trying to get anyone to acknowledge that this is real and happening. A bit of an explanation of that process on the site itself (an ‘about’ or something) would also prove helpful to those who are skeptical of the contents of this site as well as those who are seeking knowledge of these incidents. Our judicial system operates on the assumption ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ disallowing that idea within the confines of this site only proves to hurt it’s goal. Please consider what I’m suggesting, I want everyone to be allowed access to the truth, continuing to report an incident when it has been proven fake is just as damaging as not reporting an incident when it is real. Again, the process is to update information as more becomes available, not to deny posts for lack of support. I understand that this can be difficult and/or impossible with relation to the first-hand experiences and the idea that their post could be taken down or edited might discourage people from posting but I believe that is less important than taking new evidence into account when reporting on issues. However much of a bulletin board kind of forum this is meant to be, claiming complete exemption for the responsibility of sharing true information (as it is available) only serves to weaken the reputation of this collection of reports.



This is a reasonable concern. This thing has blown up quicker than expected, and we’re rushing to put in infrastructure that will continue to help it serve the purpose it was created for, and continue giving people a voice. In some ways, that concern – giving people who have suffered harassment a place to be heard – is as important as showing the rest of the world what’s going on in a way that caters to their existing belief system.

It’s a good idea to build in a way to flag hoaxes, since unfortunately it’s been a tactic of trolls since the earliest days of the internet to fabricate distress and laugh about it later. We want to be able to remove posts that are provably factually inaccurate, and I agree that it will only serve to make the content on the site stronger.

I want to respond to this in particular, though:

“Our judicial system operates on the assumption 'innocent until proven guilty,’ disallowing that idea within the confines of this site only proves to hurt it’s goal.”

I couldn’t agree more. And I am stating firmly that the people who come here to speak their pain and fear are the innocent ones. I am not going to call them liars unless proof is furnished beyond reasonable doubt.

These aren’t all anecdotes. There are news articles, even people who _filmed themselves_ committing atrocities. The people who speak out against this are contributing to a growing body of evidence, and I see no reason on the surface to doubt their stories.

The people who speak of wanting this country to stand united, that we’re stronger when we work together – it starts when you start LISTENING to the people who are hurt, and assuming their best intent. It starts when you start BELIEVING them when they say there’s a problem. It’s a centuries-long refusal to do so that got us to this point. And to do anything less is to pay mere lip service to the idea of unity.