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White Trump Supporters Can't Stop Having Public Meltdowns

“You’re not gonna give me some liberal lecture about who’s a human,” she told an employee.

I find myself looking around when I’m in a store, and if a white man walks up behind me too closely I feel a pang of fear and dread of not knowing who I’m dealing with.

My experience of Trump’s America.

Not mine, but shared with permission.

CW: Transphobia and threats of violence.

At the gas pump minding my own business, some random dude screams- are you a dude or chick?!? As I was recalling all the times I’ve been taunted with that question and opened my mouth to retort he follows up with- damn you’re a stupid tranny coming out here during hunting season now that Trump’s president…. 

I promptly hung the hose back up, got in my truck and left for my own safety.

All I have to say is Fuck Cheto Jesus and fuck his entire voting demographic and fuck every last person telling me to stop being an alarmist and just wait and see. Also fuck every single last person sitting around me at the pumps that did nothing. It’s hunting season don’t you know…..

Please don’t include my name, but this is something that someone I am friends with on Facebook posted on her page:

“To the kid who is now “joking” but really bullying my child in class by drawing swastikas on her papers and telling her that, “You better get the answer right or we are going to do to you what was done during the Holocaust…,” you picked the WRONG Jewish Momma’s child to mess with”

I was deeply saddened and angered by this post and I refuse to allow children, or people of any age for that matter, to be subject to this level of hate and ignorance. These people need to be stopped.

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